Excel Travel Morocco is your excellent partner in the organization of your Team Building in Morocco...because we know how. Our experienced and professional team has proven track record of running successful team building activities in Morocco. We will listen to you and understand your request, then we convert your strategic objectives in creative and sustainable experiences with attractive rates and flexible terms due to our big sens of creativity and expertise.

Our Morocco DMC proposes a variety of activities and assure a high quality teambuilding experience in Morocco’s magnificent & suitable sites due to : Our Large experience in organizing Team building in Morocco, Our in-depth local knowledge, Our well trained staff as well as our incomparable fleet of equipment throughout Morocco.

Example of How the team-building day in Morocco will be :

We will proceed to the briefing of the participants. (There will be sound system for that). Flags of colors (same colors that arm-bands of distinction). Each team will be behind the flag which corresponds to its color of arm-bands. The leader will have the rotation card. We start after the explanation. Each activity lasts 15 min with a time of beating (5 min). At the end of the activities: Each organizer will have a card of score to allot points to all the teams for the activity which he manages. The responsible of the animation will collect all the scores cards to count the points of each team.

  1. Donkey Polo :

Two teams equipped with brooms and ball meet and have to mark goals in the unfavourable cage.

  1. Archery :

After an initial training session each team has to aim to get bulls eyes on targets set at different distances from the archers.

  1. Berber Tent :

The aim is to pitch a tent in record time. They will just have a photo to guide them without any explanation !

  1. The Water carriers race on camel back :

Participants have to make a tour on dromedary with a beaker filled of water in a record time......

  1. Blindfold race:

The selected participant should complete as soon as possible, and within the edges, the itinerary designed on the ground.

He will do with the help of the rest of the team who will show him the way......

12H30 : BBQ Lunch under a Bedouin tent /BBQ and salads and fruits !! Then back to Work

      6. Berber race: ( with giant slippers and XXXXL gandourah )

Dressed with a super extra large gandoourah and wearing giant

« Babouches» a participant of each team  have to run throughout a straight line and exchange with his team-mate at the end of the corridor......

  1. Gladiator on inflatable structure:

The participants flight on inflatable structure with stems.

  1. Triangles:

The selected participant have to move in a determined course, by using a triangle.......

  1. Gymkhana quads

After an initian training, the participants of each team will leave for an adventure discovery.

They must cross several obstacles to arrive to the arrival point.

  1. Traveling on pallets:

Carried by he’s/her team-mates on a pallet, the participant must carry a plate with glasses filled with water to fill a basin in the other side.